Girl in leather, should have known better.

Maria Morietti; Lone Wanderer.
Independent Fallout 3 RP
Faceclaim: Cara Delevigne.
Location: The Capital Wasteland/DC.
Anonymous: Maria you're so beautiful you must take after your mun.

"Aw, shucks! That’s so— wait, what’s a mun?”


"Very funny. Little shit."


"Y’better not eat all those as well, I like them. If I go down and there’s no more mirelurk cakes I’m gonna be pissed. Look seriously, y’alright nosebleed?"

"I’m going to eat every single one, Gary won’t know what hit him. They’ll call me the Mirelurk Cake Queen." She laughs, "I dunno Butch. I ‘aint been feeling right for ages. Freddie’s worried but I don’t think it’s anything. I keep getting looks off Vera though. It’s weird."


"No, seriously what have ya done to Nosebleed, I don’t like this one as much."


"Ya not dyin’, there’s just somethin’ wrong with ya, in your head. How can you not like sugarbombs!"

"She’s gone. I’ve taken host over her body, my overlord forbids anything and everything sugary, human!"

"Think about it, means you get more now. I don’t know what’s wrong. I want mirelurk cakes, lots and lots of mirelurk cakes. 

missmaria101: Still feeling a little out of sorts she wanders up to Butch and holds out a box of sugarbombs with a sheer look of disgust on her face. "I don't like sugarbombs anymore,"



"Who are you and what the hell did ya do with Maria?"

"I’m still me," She swats him with the box "I just don’t like them any more. I took one out and—”

"I think I might be dying."

"Tunnel Snakes do rule though." She says in a small whisper. "But only Butch and I."

Third Heart [Maria|Freddie]


Freddie wouldn’t deny that it had been a difficult few months. She was his rock, always had been since he was a kid, now the roles had be reversed and he was struggling to say the least. His anxitey had hit a all time high at the start, it was horrific. After the month or so with her gone he had finally been able to, Boa had help considerably, forcing him to take her outside a bit at a time. Her enthusatic attitude made him feel safe and through that he ventured further and further out in the wastes, each time the level of panic nowhere near as bad as the last. Now, he was able to open the door to the bridge and walk across without hestitation.

When Maria came home a different person, he had to be the one to look after her, to stay strong, remain positive. Which he did without thought, it took time for him to gain his composure and feel like he could be what she needed. It became worse when he had seen her initial but the need to see her return back to normal was enough to once again force him to change. For her sake. He sat as long as she needed him to, comforting her and consoling. When she couldn’t leave the room he could sympathise, going for her instead and getting the things that she needed, giving her time to adjust to what had happened.

Finally he could start to see the old Maria peek through and their life began to return to some amount of normality. Well apart from the sickness she seemed to have gotten, it happened, Freddie wasn’t a well person at the best of times. But Maria had been ill for the past few weeks, she didn’t seem like she was run down in anyway and apart from the throwing up she seemed perfectly fine. It didn’t stop Freddie from worrying a little about her. “Maybe you should go get yourself checked out. Preston’s in the clinic today, I’m going down later on to do a few hours work, why don’t you see if he can give you anything to help your stomach?” He made his way to her, running his finger through her hair affectionately. She would be alright, they had had enough this year, surely they couldn’t be in for more shit.

Hand caressing her tummy she continued to look in the mirror, ignoring the feint white scars that peppered the outline of her lips. For the last couple of weeks, more predominately so in recent days she couldn’t shake the sickness and nausea that seemed to come around so frequently, it seemed like as soon as she’d left the bathroom she was spinning on her heels and heading back in to empty her stomach again; she continued to blame it on something she’d eaten but deep down she was concerned yet all she could seem to put it down to was something akin Radiation Sickness even though she hadn’t been exposed to the elements for months. Maybe it was a delayed second wind from the Rotunda.

Don’t be fucking stupid. 

Turning her attention to Freddie, forever the concerned, she smiles and shakes her head. A doctor wouldn’t be necessary, she could maybe diagnose herself with her books and fathers knowledge. Preston was a nice man but she still regarded Doctors with scrutiny. None of them were James and none of them would match to his standard. Call her biased but it was engrained in her thinking. Though it wouldn’t hurt to ask someone and the only person she trusted as much as her father was Harkness, always would be. She didn’t like to consider him a father figure, the thought was a little strange but really he was. He held her respect and trust just like James had hers. 

"I’ll get around to it," She says dismissively, grabbing a bottle of water to swallow back the feeling rising once again in her chest. “I think I just need to ride it out.” Ride it out was an understatement, she’d been ‘riding it out’ for weeks now. "Don’t worry. How are things going with Preston?"

Harkness. She’d go and see Harkness. 

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Third Heart [Maria|Freddie]

The time post Jocelin had been trying to say the least; stretched everyone to the maximum as her dependency grew stronger and her usual independence waned. Not that anybody minded, her door was constantly revolving in the aftermath and never once was she left alone to her thoughts and fears. Butch had been a constant source of light through the dark times, bringing Ellie down and making sure she had everything possible to ensure he comfort and security. Rivet City made her feel at ease again and the Wasteland continued to frighten and unsettle her.

Not once had she made an endeavour out there since the incident, nor did she have plans to go out there any time soon. Rivet City was sanctuary there was no need to head out into the perils that lay across the land, she’d helped enough people through the past few years there’d be a new martyr to come along and fill her boots but she, she was done. 

Hell, there had come a time where she couldn’t even leave the confines of her bedroom without breaking down in a flood of tears, trembling with panic fearful of what the day could bring, clinging to Freddie and relying on his love to make her feel at peace. It had been taxing on the pair to say the least and at times incredibly hard but she’d needed the support and attention. Some things could just be brushed under the rug but it took a lot to crack the surface to Maria Morietti the exuberant blonde and everyone had seen a side to her that didn’t often come naturally to her. A side that shouldn’t have been brought out because the horrors that she’d faced at the wrath of the age defying girl shouldn’t have happened in the first place. 

Now, a couple of months on things were beginning to settle back into normality and she was finally beginning to feel herself again. Or at least, somewhat—

"That’s the second time I’ve been sick this morning. I’m sure Gary’s trying to kill me." 

Toys for Tots [Maria | Mac & Penny]


He saw them move out of the corner of his eye but didn’t dare follow their progress. He’d have to trust that this was it, that Penny was free. Forty made a comment about him crying more than usual and Mac just ignored it. He was honestly happy, and suddenly very lonely.

When they entered the toilets Penny wrinkled her nose at the drain. "It smells," she said, though she and the entire slave pen hadn’t exactly smelled much better. And she didn’t want to go first. That was gross and a bit scary because she didn’t know what was at the bottom of it. But she had to be brave, to show these stupid boys how things got done, so she nodded. "Do I just keep going until I see light?" 

There was no questioning Maria’s orders. She had no reason not to trust them. Rory had told her time and again never to trust anyone but himself and the other boys, but he’d made it clear that Maria could now be included. The thought that she was lying never crossed her mind.

She approached the sewer and stuck an experimental foot in. She was scared. She threw Maria a glance, but puffed up her chest and raised her chin. She’d show them how brave she was. She slid in and fell down, hitting the too soft ground and rolling a bit. Her shoulder hurt, but not too terribly bad. "I’m down!" she called up in a dramatic whisper. But it was dark here, and it smelled, and it was narrow. "Hurry."

She stepped forward, testing the area and keeping her hand on the filthy wall. It couldn’t be far, she hoped it wasn’t. "Hurry."

As the youngster dropped down into the hole she did feel a slight pang of guilt because what was to come next would be far worse then getting a coating of slaver shit. Peering down the hole, she nods. "Keep on going until you see light then go on further than that. When you’re out keep to the shadows, wait patiently. We’re coming." that was the truth, just minus one promised face. Sammy soon followed, then Squirrel both turning up their noses as they dropped into the ‘smelly’ hole, burrowing their way out until she could no longer see the children in plain sight.

There’s a moments hesitation where she thinks quickly about running back to Mac, to tell him they were out and they were safe but it was risky and could potentially jeopardise the whole escape plan. Mac would understand, sure she felt fucking guilty but one day, one day she would come back for him and all the other slaves here, burn the damned sickening place to the ground. 

Drawing in a deep breath she slid down the hole, small frame only just fitting through the gap Mac had estimated would be doable. He was right, if only just. When the other end comes into her sight she pulls herself out of the manhole and jumps out into the fresh (ish) air and instantly locates the children. The expectant look on Penny’s face breaks her heart and she realises there’s only one thing for it. A hand cups the young girls mouth while the other scoops her up over her shoulder. 

"Go." She commands, and they run. Run as far away from it all as they possibly could, destination: Megaton. 

Mutant Boots [Maria|Butch]


Still didn’t shake the image from his mind, that wouldn’t be going anywhere any time soon. Fucking Maria, he thought he was the one to ask the dumb questions but it seemed it had rubbed off on her as well. Now they were both suffering from it. Although she found it hilarious, Butch did not; it was not a nice image after all.

“Shut up Nosebleed.” He couldn’t help the laugh that followed, fucking idiot.


“Well I dunno about cute, but s’pose Fawkes is alright. Dumb shit always in the fuckin’ way though if ya go anywhere with him, I swear he doesn’t know how a doorway works. Ya go through them, not stand right in the middle waitin’ around for somethin’ to happen.” That was true, although he was the one that had to put up with his terrible mood later on and he didn’t really want that today, this day was about having fun, like they used to do. None of this moping around, just them two doing something not dangerous and stupid for the hell of it. Apparently that meant finding out about mutants’ clothes.

“Alright dickhead, lead the way. Y’know where we can find this frieeeeeeendly supermutant?”

Walking side by side with him they march lazily through the market place and out onto the bridge. Anyone looking at them would know instantly that they were potentially up to no good but as long it was kept away from the ship and the city there was no harm to be done, or at least that’s how the guards saw it. Good thing really that it was Steve on bridge duty today (incredible). 

Looking at Butch she laughs, "Oh come on, the poor guys brain must be 70% Insta-Mash if you ask me. After all that modification you gotta’ cut him some slack.” despite this though she couldn’t help but grumble mentally at the amount of times she’d had to shout at him to fucking move. God bless the hapless Super Mutant.

"Um." That was a loaded question. “No.” she didn’t have to dance around it with Butch though, he probably already knew she hadn’t got a clue. Lifting her arm she locates the map on her Pip-boy. Sets a random co-ordinate and continues to walk, "Somewhere in that direction maybe." 

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Ivory [Maria|Harkness]


 He strode keeping an even pace and Maria as still as he could as Harkness increased the distance between the building and themselves. His system remained activated, on alert, ready for whatever the hell had got her. The distraction only came when she became heavier in his arms.

The damp cloth lifted and wiped against her brow as he tried to rouse her out of the state. It was nothing high tech. His jacket had been torn and subject to a bottle of water to help clean her up a bit. Hell, the shirt off of his back and was pulled over and now worn over her, just in an attempt to hide the creepy ass attire from before.

In the unconscious state he had removed the stitches, every time fearing she would wake up and thrash. It was a daunting procedure and tore something deep within him. He didn’t like seeing her like this, with no control. “Blondie?” he questioned hesitantly continuing to mop away at the thick make up on her brow.

He didn’t know what son of a bitch would think this kind of thing was appropriate. It took a real bastard to even think this kind of thing up but right now his priority was the Vault Dweller in front of him. He paused the procedure to scan the room, an abandoned office block on the edge of the city. Something to keep her secure while she became orientated,

It was the dampness that stirred her, a trickling over her forehead that spilled down over her cheeks. A dampness that for the first time in these few days didn’t come from tears. Blinking slowly she orientated herself to her surroundings, became aware instantly that she was no longer in the confines of that warehouse but in the arms of something warm and protective. It all came flooding back to her — she’d been rescued. 

Opening her mouth she gasped, breathing in the air around her clearly, no longer restricted as it were before. Smacking her lips, they were chapped and broken not to mention sore, but they were free. Looking up to Harkness, still a little dazed she takes him in for a minute, really thanking her blessings that he’d come for her, before slowly smiling. There was pain that came with it but in that moment it didn’t really matter, she’d suffered enough, a little twinge was nothing in comparison because she wanted to know she was thankful, that she was Blondie, like he’d asked. 

"Chief." She whispered barely audible, her voice hoarse and crackled. Slowly she propped an arm behind her and attempted to sit up, weak limbs wobbling. 

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